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DOBT Style Guide




When linking to external sites from a dropdown, indicate this with an icon on the right side of the link.

If pressing a link in a dropdown triggers a user flow with additional steps, append an ellipsis to it.

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The minus icon inside the first dropdown visually indicates partial selection. In the "Assign to..." dropdown, multiple items are selected. All of them are assigned to Aviv, and some are assigned to Clay.

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Dropdowns can also be triggered from regular links. Just add the .dropdown_toggle_link class to any <a> tag.

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Rich Text

See the Forms page for more details.

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In addition to our default modal style, we have a modal to confirm destructive actions.Toggle source


Left Aligned

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Center Aligned

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With fewer pages

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Progress Bars

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Delete confirmations

Use one of the following patterns to confirm a destructive action.

When the Delete button is an icon, show a popover to clarify the user's intent.

Popovers can contain headers and alternate button text.

  • Project 1
  • Project 2
  • Project 3
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When the Delete button contains text, delete the item immediately, and let the user undo the action.

The undo is usually implemented server-side.

  • Delete this response
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    For destructive actions with major consequences, show a confirmation modal.

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