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DOBT Style Guide


Form elements


Use hint text if the input can't be fully described by its label. Keep this text brief.
You must include Autosize to implement this functionality.
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Multiple Choice

What are your thoughts on the Bilderberg Group? *
Which of the group(s) below most accurately represent you? *
Do you agree to the Terms of Service?
Checkbox fields can contain a single answer option where appropriate.
This administrator can access…
This is a partially selected checkbox. In this example, only some items are selected.
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Basic dropdowns

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Rich-text dropdowns

This component lets you add long answer options, or descriptive text to each option, while imitating the behavior of a native <select>.

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Disabled / “read only”

Is the sky blue? *
Which countries border the United States? *
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There was an error!
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Large inputs

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Small inputs

Use small inputs to style advanced, information-dense options. Or, place them under regular inputs to differentiate primary and secondary settings.

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Horizontal Forms

When using horizontal forms, keep each label brief.

What are your thoughts on the Bilderberg Group? *
Include... *
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Input groups

years young
Pick a date and time *
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Filter form

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Microcopy Box

Use this to display additional actions that should be hidden until a setting is enabled.

To accept payments, you must first sign in to your payment provider.

Connect to Stripe
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Toggle buttons

Use the .toggle class for buttons which summon a dropdown.

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Button with icons

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Buttons with the .subtle class have no disabled state. Instead, they should not be displayed on the page.

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Button sizes

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Long buttons

When a button with a long CTA is inside a limited-width container, add the .long class to avoid truncation with ellipsesToggle source

Tertiary buttons

Add the .uppercase or .button_uppercase class to any link to downplay a tertiary action. For example:

Contact Your Local Representative

Send an email

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